Single parents you
are no longer alone!

Our experts are familiar with your problems and can advise you remotely from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., in "express" sessions or as a follow-up, depending on your needs.

* Noö Family is also for : parents in questioning,
in the process of separation and and blended families.

support for single parents

Single moms and dads trust us,
read their testimonials

testimonial of a single parent

Check out the testimonial
of @zoelamodeuse.

Emmanuel P. - advised by Julie, our parenting coach

Julie helped me to decipher what was going on and what was hurting me in the tensions I was experiencing with my teenager.

Her sense of sharing and listening as well as her concrete advice will guide me to evolve and act more positively.

Leslie V. - guided by Shirley, our family lawyer

Shirley really knew how to inform me about the steps to take before the court in the context of a custody case.
I was even more surprised by the very human side that you don't necessarily find during a classic meeting with a lawyer. I recommend her with eyes closed and will not hesitate to call on her in the future if the need arises. Big plus: her availability!

Géraldine C. - accompanied by Aurélie, our social worker

Aurélie is a good listener and above all available for an an evening emergency appointment.

Great exchange with answers to my questions with a lot of benevolence.

Thank you again for your valuable support with this platform.

Very responsive, I feel relieved!

A solution thought by and for single parents 🪄

Get a personalized support that meets your needs and availabilities by experts who really understand you!

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Consult our experts by video or simple call👨💻

👉 attorney 👩🏻💼
👉 parenting coach 👩👦
👉 psychologist 👩⚕️
👉 social worker 💰
👉 life coach 🤝

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When you really need it

No waiting
Book a session even for the same day, from 7am to 11pm, even on Saturday!

No transportation
Consult directly from home.

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A team of certified experts

💡 It's your chance to get personalized and concrete answers + action plans by experts who know the reality of single parenthood (75% of them have been single parents).

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Transparent and non-binding rates

✊ On-demand consulting, no subscription or hidden fees, all our rates (starting at 30€ per 30 min) are displayed for each session theme.

Moms or dads without daily support : just rest, you're being helped 🙂.

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how to calculate alimony


Our lawyers family law attorneys will inform you of all your rights and guide you through all the steps related to separation/divorce with children (unpaid alimony, custody rights and much more).

I need help with my procedures

Single mom budget

Financial aid

Our social workers assist you in accessing the assistance (housing, family support allowance, financial and logistical assistance) to which you are entitled.

I want to be guided through the process

What to do as a single mom?


Let go, release the pressure, and think about yourself: our life coaches coaches guide you to take care of your personal, relational, and emotional balance with concrete action plans to regain your (well-deserved 😀) balance.

I want to take care of myself

Solo Mom Tips


Consult parenting coaches experts in single-parenthood, to get educational advice, overcome a conflict with your child, support your teen...and most of all, remove guilt (because perfect parents don't have children 😉).

I need concrete keys

Solo mom who has a meltdown

Psychological support

When single moms are happy and single dads are relaxed, kids get better. Our certified psychologists help you overcome stress, insomnia, sadness, growing anxiety or depression, with a lot of benevolence and listening. 

I need support

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single parent community

Noö Family is also a community of caring single parents

Single mom, divorced dad, single mom, single parent by choice... This community is for you!
Tired of Facebook or Whatsapp groups? You are in the right place! Join a community to share, to feel less guilty and less alone in your daily life as a single parent.

🧡 Meet and support each other

Talk to other single parents who understand what you are going through, who have been through similar situations, who can advise you, support you and above all help you to feel less guilty!

💡 Access dedicated resources and services

Legal, financial, parenting, psych and wellness advice. Find tips, advice and practical information to help you navigate life as a single parent.

🥰 Share

Good plans, tips, resources, moments of life.

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