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We are convinced that it is by working with all the actors involved that we will improve the daily life of single-parent families. This is why we are striving to extend our network, to create partnerships with institutional actors, companies, associations, to offer the most concrete answers to single parents.

Would you like to become a partner and help us make the daily life of single parents easier?
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Our partner, Speaking-Agency, is a baby-sitting agency created in 2009 that offers several childcare services in 11 French cities. Baby-Speaking isa home-based babysitting service in English and other foreign languages (Spanish, German, Russian). The agency is the market leader with native or bilingual staff.La Garde-Active is an innovative concept of nanny at home inspired by the Montessori approach and other active pedagogies (Freinet, Singapore...). The agency's objectives are to awaken the curiosity of each child and to develop their independence.

Speaking-Agency recruits all year round, they can answer any request now: https: //

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