My son/daughter is getting divorced
How can I help him/her?

give him
a concrete support!

You don't always know how to answer his/her questions or how to advise him/her ? Offer him/her a voucher for a video coaching session with the expert of his/her choice who will give him/her the keys to move forward more peacefully.

Or treat yourself to a coaching session to find out how
to behave or what problems your child will have to overcome.

Ask or offer a gift session
to a loved one

You want to help a loved one, a single parent, or you as a single parent want a useful gift to overcome a difficulty ,

what to do?

Offer / get a voucher for a coaching session in video
with the expert of your choice.

offer concrete help

Administrative and legal procedures after a separation, parenthood, etc.
Being a single parent means being confronted with more questions and problems, but without a relay to do so.

single parenting experts

accompanied single parents


of satisfaction on the sessions

the 3 golden rules to accompany
your son or daughter in a single-parent situation

without stigmatizing him/her

Providing concrete support

A single parent often hears: "Don't hesitate if you need help", but rarely dares to ask. Instead, offer them concrete help: "This Saturday, take some time for yourself, I'll watch your child. 

Reading between the lines

When a single parent says, "Yes, it's okay, it's a little hard sometimes...", you need to hear, "I need help".

Reassure and relieve guilt

A single parent feels very guilty and puts pressure on himself. There's nothing like comforting words to give them the strength to move forward.

contact us 

we help you to choose the most suitable support

Reviews left

"Really great! I was able to interact the same day with a social worker,
at 10pm when my kids were in bed. My reporting problem is solved."


"Very good listener, it feels good to talk to a pro who really understands my daily life as a single parent. I feel relieved! ”


"A big thank you to Daniela, a lawyer, with whom I did a video chat this Sunday. I finally have the answer to my custody problem. And for 40% less than a regular lawyer."


"With all the conflicting information on the internet, I was getting lost. Thanks to Julie. I got an answer that fit my situation."


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