StripeTerms and Conditions of Use


These conditions apply to clients benefiting from the services of the Noö platform.

Important, please read carefully: your use and access to the site and Noö's Services are subject to your compliance with and acceptance of these terms.

By checking the box "Accept" the Terms of Service, becoming a Customer on Noö or using the Noö Services, you agree to be bound by these terms. The Services offered by Noö are not available to persons who cannot legally be bound by these Terms of Service.

No√∂ is a simplified joint stock company with a capital of ‚ā¨1,000 whose registered office is at 6 rue des Ch√Ętaigniers, 92140 Clamart, registered with the RCS of Nanterre 853 545 770.

The Noö project was born from the personal story of its founder Marina, herself a single mother. Faced with the lack of solutions available on the market to facilitate the daily life of single parents, Marina and her partner founded Noö.

To help single parents with their daily problems (mental burden, lack of support and sometimes isolation), Noö connects single parent clients with professionals offering support services - by videoconference - dedicated to single parents. 




  • The "Client" : it is the single parent, Client on No√∂ of a Support Service
    • A single parent is an adult raising one or more children alone. But at No√∂, we also welcome parents who are a couple, often alone with their child(ren).¬†
  • The "Professional": this is the partner who provides the Accompaniment Service.¬†
    • The Professional is a person qualified (experience and/or diplomas/certifications) in the field of expertise for which he/she wishes to offer Support Services on the No√∂ platform.
      If you think that your expertise can be beneficial to single parents, join the Noö adventure!
  • The "Service" or "Accompaniment Service": this is the Service carried out by videoconference between the Professional and one (or more) Client(s)
  • The "Individual Service" : it is the Service between 1 Professional and 1 Client¬†
  • The "Grouped Service": it is the Service between 1 Professional and several Clients¬†
  • The "Pack": it is the offer proposing to 1 Client several sequenced Services, with the same Professional
  • The Service: this is the solution for single parents to be accompanied by Professionals, by videoconference, via the No√∂ website¬†



How does the Noö service work? 

The Service is accessible on the Noö platform, from the following link: This platform enables Clients to be put in touch with Professionals offering Support Services adapted to single parents. These Support Services are carried out, via the platform, exclusively at a distance by videoconference, in a time slot reserved by the Client.
The Noö platform thus enables Clients to :

  • choose the category of support they wish to receive, from a large list (educational coaching, help with administrative procedures, etc.)
  • once the category has been chosen, to consult the various Services offered, their duration, their price and the profiles of the Professionals who offer them
  • reserve a time slot from a list of available slots¬†
  • make the payment online¬†
  • carry out the Accompaniment Service by videoconference¬†
  • once the Service is completed, to leave a review of the Professional's Service¬†


How does the Client register on the Noö platform? 

The registration procedure is carried out directly when booking a service on the platform: 

  1. After having selected an ad, a date and a time slot, the Customer finalizes his basket by filling in his personal information (name, first name, email, telephone number, reason for the request session, address, status (private or professional), possibly his company)
  2. To finalize the order, the Customer is sent back to to the online payment page operated by Stripewhere they enter their bank details.
  3. At the end of his order, the Customer receives confirmation emails with (confirmation of account creation with login and password, order confirmation). He will then be able to manage his orders (Reschedule, Cancel) and his personal information from his customer area

The online payment service is entirely controlled by Stripe. Therefore, Noö will never have the Customer's bank details. 


How does the videoconferencing service work? 

The Service is performed between the Professional and the Client (or several Clients, in the case of grouped Services) only. By videoconference, exclusively via the tool chosen by Noö (Zoom). When booking a Service, a confirmation email containing the date and time of the Service as well as the videoconference link is automatically sent to the Client. On the day of the Event, to connect to the videoconference, the Client will only have to connect to the videoconference via the link provided in the order reminder email.


How does a Service take place and how long does it last? 

A Service is carried out by videoconference on a date defined in advance and for a limited time. There are 3 types of Services.

  • The "Individual Service" : it is the Service between 1 Professional and 1 Client¬†
  • The "Grouped Service": it is the Service between 1 Professional and several Clients¬†
  • The "Pack": it is the offer proposing to 1 Client several sequenced Services, with the same Professional

The duration of the Service is indicated on the profile of the Professional who offers this Service. 

Here are the possible durations of the services: 

  • Individual services or Packs (1 Professional and 1 Client): the following possible durations are available: 20 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min or 90 min.¬†
  • Grouped Services (1 Professional and 2 to 8 Clients): each Service lasts 30 minutes¬†





When does the Client pay for the Service?

When the Client completes an order for an Accompaniment Service with a Professional, the Client is then debited.
Up until the day before the Event, if the Client cancels the order, the Client will be credited again. Any cancellation at the Client's initiative on the day of the Event will not result in a recreditation.
In the case of a cancellation at the initiative of the Professional, regardless of the delay, the Client will be creditedagain.


Who makes the payment? 

As Noö is a platform for putting people in touch with each other, a third party is used for the payment of the Services.

Payment is handled exclusively by the payment solution provider, Stripe. During the payment stage, the Customer is sent back to the online payment page operated by Stripe. Also Noö never has access to the Customer's bank details. 

Each Professional is required to inform himself/herself about the conditions applicable by Stripe.



  • CLAIMS¬†


What happens in the event of a customer complaint? 

In the event of a complaint, the Customer should contact Noö by email at the following address contact@noo-family.frto possibly open a dispute. Noö shall then arbitrate the dispute and may suspend the automatic payment of the Service.

Depending on the reason for the complaint and the supporting elements that will be provided for the arbitration of the dispute, Noö may :

  1. fully refund the Customer  
  2. partially reimburse the Customer 
  3. not to reimburse the Customer 




Noö is committed to Customers :

  • to put Clients in touch with Professionals providing Support Services designed for single parents, via its No√∂ platform
  • to allow the reservation of Accompanying Services on the No√∂ platform¬†
  • to allow the secure payment of the Accompaniment Services (via its online payment provider Stripe)
  • to allow Clients who have completed an Accompaniment Service to leave an online review of this Service¬†
  • to respect its data protection policyin accordance with the applicable regulations




The Professional undertakes to the Clients : 

  • to offer exclusively remote services
  • to ensure scrupulous punctuality at the time of the start of each Service¬†
  • to carry out with the Client(s) the Coaching Services via videoconference (on the Zoom tool) that he/she will have validated, with professionalism, pedagogy and listening.¬†¬†

The Professional is solely responsible for the quality of the Accompaniment Services he/she provides.




The founders of Noö are very attached to the values of transparency, honesty and benevolence, and are keen for clients to share and put these values into practice in their relationship with the Professionals. 

In particular, when Customers post their opinions on the Services.


The Clients are informed that the Professionals must not propose to them to leave the platform to offer them Services, and that any non-compliance with this obligation could be sanctioned.




How can the Customer delete his account? 

If the Customer wishes to delete his/her account, he/she must notify Noö by email 30 working days in advance, by email request to

VigilanceAny deletion of an account is final. Once the account is deleted, all the history of the Services performed will be definitively lost.


In the event of non-compliance with these GCU and repeated complaints from Professionals towards a Client, Noö reserves the right to terminate the account of this Client, with a notice period of 8 days. 



For more information, please consult the Data Protection Policy policy in force.




Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise agreed, the Client acknowledges that all concepts, Services, logos, Noö brand as well as the associated media developed at any time by Noö in the context of its activity are and will remain at any time the exclusive property of Noö.




Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present General Conditions of Use are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to their formation, conclusion, interpretation and/or execution shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Versailles.
Date of last modifications: 25/05/2020




Update of the General Conditions of Use 

Noö reserves the right to modify or update these GTU at any time. Any modification or update of these GCU will be notified to the Customer by email, 30 days before their application. 




When requesting a reservation, can the Client indicate his expectations to the Professional? 

Yes, when requesting a reservation for a Service, the Client can specify his request and expectations in a message (during the order confirmation). This will allow the Professional to know if he/she is able to meet the Client's expectations and to prepare the Accompaniment Service in the best possible way. 


Can the Professional cancel a Service? 

An ordered Service is automatically validated by the Professional. However, in exceptional cases of impediment, the Professional may cancel an order. The Client will then be automatically notified by email and credited again.


What happens if the call does not start on time? 

If the Customer is late: 

  • it is the Client's responsibility. However, a tolerance of 10 minutes will be applicable (in this case, the Service may exceed the scheduled time by 10 minutes maximum). Beyond the 10 min delay, the Client's late time will not be recovered at the end of the session.

If the Professional is late :

  • this should never happen. But if it should happen, the delay at the start will be made up at the end of the Service (e.g. if the call or the Service starts 12 minutes late, the Service will be 12 minutes longer at the end).


Is confidentiality guaranteed? 

Yes, absolutely. Each Accompaniment Service is only provided between the Professional and the Client (or several Clients, in the case of a grouped Service). These services are carried out exclusively from the Professional's Zoom account, and not from Noö's Zoom account. Therefore, no one other than the Professional or the Client(s) can follow a Service or have access to it after the fact.


Can a Client resume a Service with the same Professional? 

Yes, of course! And it is even desired! This indicates that the Client will have been satisfied with the Service, and will wish to reschedule Services with the same Professional. Win for the Client, win for the Professional. Winner for everyone! 


How do online reviews work?

Only Clients who have already carried out an Accompaniment Service can rate the Professional at the end of the Service. Thus, the Noö platform only collects "verified" opinions.

At the end of the Service, the Client receives an automatic email asking him to evaluate his experience with the Professional.

The grade is displayed on the Professional's profile. The overall score of the Professional is the average of all the scores received for all his Services.

A review is composed of a rating out of 5, displayed in the form of stars and a comment. The Client can see the reviews posted on the profile of a Professional.

  • the date of publication of each notice is indicated, as well as the Service to which this notice refers
  • the notices left are classified according to several criteria including chronological order
  • no consideration is provided for filing a notice

For more information, please see the Online Notice Policy


What are the qualities expected of the Professional? 

When selecting each Professional, Noö is extremely careful to ensure that the Professional demonstrates both "technical" and human qualities. Noö is well aware that it is the combination of the two that will enable a relationship of trust to be established and maintained between the Professional and the Client, and will enable the Client to feel understood 

    • expertise : real and proven skills on the subject
    • legitimacy : discourse based on real professional experience and personal experience
    • sensitivity to single parenthood : Professionals are expected to be sensitive to the issue of single parenthood
    • pedagogy To be clear, concise, and able to adapt your speech to the realities presented by the single parent and to provide concrete solutions that are truly applicable to daily life

Demonstrating the following human qualities is also fundamental to establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust with the single parent, allowing them to feel understood.

    • empathy
    • humility
    • know how¬†
    • listen


What are the recommendations in terms of connection and bandwidth, to have a good quality of videoconference?

The quality of the videoconferencing service depends in particular on the Internet installation, the Professional's equipment and the Client's equipment. Noö therefore declines all responsibility in this matter.

For an optimal videoconferencing experience, here are the Zoom recommendations: 

  • Internet connection - WiFi (a/g/n/ac) or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
  • Bandwidth: the bandwidth used by Zoom will be optimized to provide the best experience depending on the participants' network. It will automatically adjust to Wi-Fi or wireless environments.¬†
    • recommended bandwidth on a Wi-Fi connection :
      • for 1:1 video call: 600 Kbps (up/down) for high quality video and 1.2 Mbps (up/down) for HD video
      • For group video calls: 600 kbps/1.2 Mbps (up/down) for high quality video For Gallery View: 1.5 Mbps/1.5 Mbps (up/down)¬†

For more information on Zoom's internet connection recommendations, please see the System requirements for iOS and Android.

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