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single mom financial difficulties
solo moms: how to get by financially

Our social workers will guide you through the process

Our social workers will help you with all your administrative procedures. They will answer with precision all your questions regarding procedures, access to your rights, financial aid, or housing. Book a session in one click, by selecting the theme that corresponds to your concerns from among the proposed sessions.

Our online social workers

Good news: no need to take a day off work to talk to a social worker! Family support allowance, single parent allowance, Agepi: can you find your way around? Helping you with your separation, or with your separation without divorce, involves a lot of paperwork and files to fill out. Our social assistants provide you with a complete accompaniment for all questions related to the rights of single parents: help in finding housing, custody rights, financial aid or logistics.

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  • Administrative procedures
  • Social / legal advice
  • ..and lots of other skills!


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  • Administrative procedures
  • Employment / Health
  • ..and lots of other skills!


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  • Disability
  • Administrative procedures
  • ..and lots of other skills!


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Single mom budget

Access to aid, a real headache.

In the event of separation, financial issues are often of concern...and urgent. 

Whateveryour situation: single parent, single mother, widowed or divorced parent, you are entitled to social assistance. Yes, but: family support allowance, agefi, single parent's allowance or single working mother's allowance... It's a bit confusing!

You need concrete, quick online help, if possible at a time compatible with your busy schedule as a single mum or single dad 👩👦👨👦

No need to take a day off work to find out about your rights, finalise a separation case, or get help to find accommodation. Thanks to Noö Family, you can centralise your questions, be supported and guided by an online social worker at any time.

Get clear answers from home, by video, from 7am to 11pm - even on Saturdays!

A remote social worker for personalised and immediate support

Manage quickly and well a daily life where you can only count on yourself. In other words: keep a cool head and know the financial aid to which you are entitled, or find a quick solution to find a new home.

In this situation, you may feel a little disoriented: who to contact, which steps to take, which files to fill out?

Consulting a social worker online will save you precious time. Discover our support themes:

Knowing my rights, and how to access them

What are the aids during a separation ? How can I get caf separation aid without a divorce ? Am I entitled to the asf ? Our online social workers will give you a personalized answer.

Help with administrative procedures

Where to go in case of separation? How to get financial aid in case of separation ? What to do in case of separation of an unmarried couple ? If you need clarification on a particular situation, or if you have a file to complete, we will give you a customized answer.


Help in the constitution of applications for the AAH, the RQTH, the disability card, the compensation benefits, to finance your care, to assert your rights, to acquire a complementary health insurance, to inform you about the aids facilitating your return to your home (human assistance, technical assistance, adaptation of the housing...)

Separation: what to do first

In the event of a PACS separation, divorce or separation from a cohabiting couple, we will inform you of the first steps to be taken.

How to manage your budget - Optimising your family budget alone

We give you the keys and an action plan to learn how to manage your family budget independently.

Legal and social advice

An online social worker will be able to guide you and advise you personally in all your legal and social procedures, whatever your questions may be: how to separate in a common-law relationship? What to do in the event of separation of an unmarried couple? What to do in the event of the break-up of a civil union? What is the father's right after the breakdown of a civil union?

Housing and emergency accommodation

Where to live when you separate? Moving after a separation can be an urgent and complicated issue. How do you manage a separation under the same roof? Or how to force your spouse to leave the house? We give you concrete tips on how to find a solution quickly.

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how to calculate alimony


Our family lawyers, advise you on how to assert your rights.

What to do as a single mom?


Our online life coaches guide you towards the best version of yourself!

single moms how to deal with teenage crisis


Our online parenting coaches online parenting coaches give you the best keys to stop being a parent without a relay. 

Solo mom who has a meltdown

Psychological support

Our online psychologists are here to support you through the challenges you face.

Our resources for single parents

single parent resources

The blog 📚

Discover all our articles, designed to make life easier for single parents 🙂 :
Advice, files, testimonials, mood posts or analyses, are published regularly on the Noö Family blog.

single parent aids

Our replays 💡

Find all our replays in free access! Lively exchanges with our experts, answers from professionals in the field of single parenthood, on themes that speak to single parents: separation, parenthood, or personal reconstruction.

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