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The online support I offer you

Because everyone must be able to find or regain a satisfactory life balance.
Because everyone should be able to choose their contact person easily.
Because we have such a level of social protection, such an armada of organizations, devices, of administrative services for each stage of our life: education, health, disability, couple and family life ....... And because anamazing complexity surrounds the implementation of the aids, the realization of the steps... not really easy to find one's way, to navigate between forms, Cerfa, mails etc.... ....
I have been a social worker since 2003 and have worked for the Departmental Councils, CARSAT, companies and associations in the fields of work, health, home care, disability, etc. until 2021.  
I then opted to set up as a freelancer in order to offer an "even more" adapted, "even more" customized support.
For me, everything starts with a meeting, a listening and a proximity to understand the problems, expectations or aspirations of my interlocutor. This will allow me to establish a diagnosis which will allow the implementation of one or several adapted action plans.
My 20 years of experience, punctuated by training, have given me a broad knowledge and mastery of the tools, organizations and processes that enable me to set in motion the right channels and procedures on a case-by-case basis.
Through the accompaniment that I propose here I simply wish to allow you to find or recover a satisfactory life balance.
Let's talk, I am Marie, your expert in "navigation and social support".



Marie's career as a social worker in the hospital sector has given her an approach based on mental health and health at work. 

Her gentleness and kindness added to her professionalism will guide you in your steps.

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