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Single mom childcare

Our specialized lawyers advise you in your procedures

Separation, custody, alimony, referral to the Family Court... Our lawyers answer all the legal questions that may arise for single parents and accompany you in your legal proceedings. Select from the sessions offered the topic that corresponds to your concerns.

Our online lawyers

Our family law attorneys provide online legal advice to separated parents for all their legal needs.
Consult an online family law attorney for reliable answers to your questions: custody rights, alternating and sole custody, unpaid alimony. We also help you to see more clearly in divorce proceedings, family mediation, or to refer to the family court judge.

Portrait of Daniela, online lawyer


  • Defence case, referral to JAF
  • Mediator appointment, child hearing
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Emmanuel, online lawyer


  • Child protection
  • Homo-parenting / Co-parenting
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Flora, online lawyer


  • Domestic violence
  • Referral to JAF, separation
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Shirley, online lawyer


  • Court file
  • Conflict resolution
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Séverine, online lawyer


  • Criminal Court
  • Legal aid
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Marie Charlotte, online lawyer

Marie Charlotte

  • Domestic violence
  • Separation, divorce
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Book a video session by choosing the legal topic of your choice


In the middle of a separation, are you lost? 

Whether you are separated parents, a single mother or a single father, you want to make the best decisions for your child. But the questions are overwhelming, and you can't just become a family law lawyer! 

Are you a divorced or separated parent, or are you about to be? Do you have questions about custody rights, or visiting and accommodation rights? Are you wondering what to do in the event of unpaid alimony? How to establish a maintenance allowance without a judgement, or to prepare a Jaf file?

Our solution: consult a lawyer online via video and obtain immediate, personalised legal advice. Your family lawyer will provide a reliable (it's better!), precise and individual answer to all your questions.

Thanks to Noö Family, you can book a video session with a lawyer online from 7am to 11pm, even on Saturdays! No waiting, no travel, no need to take a precious day off.

Personalized online legal advice

In life things don't always go according to plan (that would be too easy). Separated parents, separated parents without judgment, divorced parents, you want to make the best decisions for your child. 

Discover our support themes:

Family court judge - jaf file

How do I file a case with the family court judge?
We bring you all the necessary details.

Separation - divorce - custody rights

Determining the best custody arrangement for your child is a decision that needs to be thought through: sole custody, traditional custody, reduced custody, alternating custody? What should you do while waiting for the court's decision? We can help you choose the most suitable solution.

Family mediation - amicable separation

How to call on a family mediator? How to find amicable solutions for the well-being of everyone? We can help you with all your legal procedures.

Maintenance payments: application/modification

How to set up an alternating custody alimony? Alimony taxes or alimony without a judgment, we answer all your questions.

Access and accommodation rights: fixing/modifying

What is the father's right in case of separation without a judgment? Without a judgement who has custody? What is the procedure in the event of non-compliance with the court order? What about the visiting rights of the grandparents? Our lawyers will provide you with concrete answers.

Unpaid alimony

What to do about unpaid alimony? CIF alimony, procedures to follow, we answer all your questions.

Domestic violence

Protection measures exist, you can be helped, accompanied, to find quick and real solutions.

Child protection

What are the laws and protection mechanisms to protect your child? We support and guide you in your efforts.

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Single mom budget


Our online social workers will help you with your application.

What to do as a single mom?


Our online life coaches guide you towards the best version of yourself!

single moms how to deal with teenage crisis


Our online parenting coaches online parenting coaches give you the best keys to stop being a parent without a relay. 

Solo mom who has a meltdown

Psychological support

Our online psychologists are here to support you through the challenges you face.

Our resources for single parents

single parent resources

The blog 📚

Discover all our articles, designed to make life easier for single parents 🙂 :
Advice, files, testimonials, mood posts or analyses, are published regularly on the Noö Family blog.

single parent aids

Our replays 💡

Find all our replays in free access! Lively exchanges with our experts, answers from professionals in the field of single parenthood, on themes that speak to single parents: separation, parenthood, or personal reconstruction.

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