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As soon as I obtained my law degree, I immediately directed my activity towards family law. family law.
In most of the cases for which I was consulted, the single parent found himself or herself helpless and discouraged in the face of all the administrative and judicial actors surrounding him or her.

Through Noö Family, I undertake to listen to you, to understand you, to guide you in the preparation of your file, to help you in your choices, to avoid useless confrontations, to direct you towards other solutions, to favour dialogue and listening. I will guide you towards other solutions, and I will give priority to dialogue and listening.

See you soon.


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Shirley really knew how to inform me about the steps to take before the court in the context of a custody case. I was even more surprised by the very human side that you don't necessarily find during a classic meeting with a lawyer.

I recommend her with my eyes closed and will not hesitate to call on her in the future if the need arises. Big plus: availability!

Leslie V.

Very clear and concise. Good listener

Elisabeth A.

Shirley has a keen awareness of family law and personal injury issues and will provide you with the right answers in conflict resolution and many other areas.

And always with kindness!

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