I'm a single mom and I'm exhausted

Concrete educational keys with our parenting coaches

Your personal coach will help you find or rediscover your inner resources and strengths. He or she can guide you in all situations related to managing emotions and relationships as a single parent: conflict resolution, blended families, or regaining self-confidence.

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Reduce my mental load

As you know, lightening your mental load is a priority for single parents! Your daily life is a race, where everything has to be anticipated and timed. You sometimes feel as if your brain is about to explode. Solutions and methods exist to reduce the mental load of a single woman with children or a single father (fortunately!).

How to get organised - Learning to save time

How to manage your time, learn to organize yourself when you live alone with your child? How to be organized, to optimize your time management and priorities? An online life coach will give you concrete methods to organize your time, keys to have a simple and effective management of priorities!

Regaining self-confidence

A separation is an event that weakens, and can provoke significant personal questioning. A break-up can rekindle old wounds, a feeling of abandonment, and have an impact on self-esteem. There is also a tendency to feel more guilty when you are a single parent, not feeling up to the task for your child. A personal development coach will help you to regain strength and confidence gently.

Finding serenity

It's not surprising that your serenity is affected, when you have to deal with everything alone day after day! Finding peace of mind, inner peace, positive thinking, is easier by consulting an online life coach, at the moment you need it.

Overcoming a break-up - rebuilding after a separation

How to get over a breakup when you have one or more children in common? After a painful separation, it is sometimes difficult for separated parents to accept the breakup. Grieving a relationship is even more complicated when you have to stay in contact with the other parent. How long does it take to get over a breakup? The life coach will help you get back on track, with kindness, by taking the time you need.

Managing emotions

Your emotional life is put to the test during this challenge of single parenthood. You sometimes feel overwhelmed: anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt. A life coach will be able to support you on a daily basis, to help you accept and overcome your emotions, and find a smile again.

Getting through the crisis

How to deal with a family crisis? How do you hold on when nothing goes right, when you are in the middle of the turmoil, and the future looks bleak? Dare to ask one of our life coaches for a listening ear, for personalised external support, they are there for that.

Relationship ex-spouse separated parents

Building the most harmonious communication possible with your ex-spouse contributes to the well-being of everyone. An online coaching helps you to move towards positivity: bad understanding between separated parents, non-violent communication, improving the relationship with the other parent.

Stepfamily: the place of the step-parent

Blended family, when to settle down together? Finding your right place as a stepfather or stepmother sometimes requires delicacy and patience. If you are a stepparent, you may have difficulty asserting yourself and gaining the trust of your spouse and their child. The online life coach knows the typical conflicts you encounter, responsible for the blended family that does not work. And their potential solutions.

Love coaching - Love coach

Being a single mum doesn't mean being a mum without a love life :)Worn out by your separation, you may want to take care of a budding relationship, to get off to a good start. As a single dad, are you experiencing difficulties in your sex life and don't know who to turn to? On Noo Family, you can confide in a personal life coach, specialised in love life or sexuality, in complete confidence.

How to announce a separation

How to tell your child that you are separating? How to announce a separation to a teenager? The step of announcing the separation of his parents to his daughter, his son, is often dreaded. An online life coach will be able to give you advice adapted to your situation and to the age of your children.

Couple therapy

Are you back together as a couple, and are you facing blockages and questions as a single parent? Or do you want to give your separated parents a chance again? Starting an online couple therapy will allow you to take a step back, to look for solutions together, and to make your relationship evolve.

The cost of a session with a coach is 35€ / 30 min and 65€ / 1h.
For more information on how a session works, see our FAQ.

Our online life coaches

You need to lighten your mental load... (how we understand you )🙂. Being a solo family, raising a child, a teenager alone, is an exhausting challenge, separation a destabilizing stress. It is important to remove the guilt and think about yourself! Personal development, regain self-confidence, emotional management: a life coach will be able to guide you.

Portrait of Miali, online life coach


  • Overcoming separation
  • Finding love again
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Sylvain, online life coach


  • Self-confidence
  • Relationship with the other parent
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Beatrice, online life coach


  • Sophrology
  • Sleep disorders
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Alexandre, online life coach


  • Managing emotions
  • Difficulties with my child
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Talina, online life coach


  • Love life and sexuality
  • Communication expert
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Elodie, online life coach


  • Organization
  • Time optimization
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Aude Estelle, online life coach


  • Career development
  • High potential coaching
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Juliette, online life coach


  • Love life & sexuality
  • Parenting
  • ..and lots of other skills!


A personal coach at my side to help me move forward, with serenity

You're no longer able to communicate with your child peacefully, and your family's day-to-day life is suffering as a result. The slightest exchange turns into a conflict, and communication is altered or even cut off. You feel powerless, angry or a failure. Discussing your situation with a parenting coach will provide you with the keys to regaining positive, serene communication...
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What to do as a single mom?

Getting better and rebuilding your life is possible!

Getting the services of an online life coach when you're a single parent?
It wouldn't be a luxury! Even superheroes need a little support sometimes!

Whether you become a single mother or a single father after a separation or bereavement, or whether you are a single mother by choice, the mental burden remains the same: it is abysmal 🤯 🙃

When you live alone with your child or teenager, the social, legal, educational and emotional issues are all at once. This is even though you are already devoting all your energy to assuming your multiple roles as a single parent, with determination, carrying out 1000 tasks at once. Taking on this exhausting challenge can leave you feeling fragile, and the rope can eventually snap. 

Rebuilding after a break-up, learning to live alone after a separation is sometimes difficult. An online life coach will be able to support you, guide you in your personal developmentand accompany you on the way to a new balance.

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