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Our parenting coaches for concrete and realistic educational keys

Oppositional crises, children's autonomy, conflictual adolescence, sibling relationships, blended families...Our parenting coaches accompany you at each stage of your life as a single mom or single dad. To benefit from their support and advice, book the session that corresponds to your problem in one click.

Our parenting coaches

How to avoid parental burnout when you feel that you never do enough, that your child makes you "pay" for the separation? How to deal with tantrums, lack of sleep? How to deal with the teenage crisis as separated parents, or to build a blended family? A parenting coach will give you keys to better communicate with your child, educational advice to move towards a positive and caring parenting.


Portrait of Julie, online parenting coach


  • Child autonomy
  • Re-establish communication
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Sandra, online parenting coach


  • Child's sleep
  • Decoding baby's cries
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Angélique, online parenting coach


  • Sibling relationships
  • Fears, angers, crises
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Laura, online parenting coach


  • Crisis specialist (all ages)
  • Intercultural coach
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Julie, online parenting coach


  • Positive education
  • Managing emotions
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Florence, online parenting coach


  • Parental burnout
  • Mediation with spouse
  • ..and lots of other skills!


Portrait of Marie, online parenting coach


  • Managing emotions
  • Child autonomy
  • ..and lots of other skills!


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single moms how to deal with teenage crisis

Don't wait for parental burnout

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Every parent knows that raising a son or daughter is an exceptional and complex adventure. Single parents experience it even more acutely: the pressure and weight of responsibility are multiplied.

In the absence of a village, Noö Family offers you a parenting coach to support you whenever you feel the need.

Why use a parenting coach?
Repeated tantrums, sleeping problems, recurrent conflicts, or difficulties in communicating with your teenager, there are many reasons.

Guilt, stress, fear of not being able to cope, can take on proportions that can cloud your parent-child relationship.

Parenting coaching, or parental guidance, helps you find the right positioning, the necessary distance, and relevant parenting methods. Booking a session with an online parenting coach allows you to put things into perspective and avoid parental burn-out, to move confidently towards positive and caring avoid parental burn-out, to go with confidence towards a positive and benevolent parenting.

Online parenting coach: an expertise adapted to single-parent families

There is no school, no university, no certified professional training to learn how to parent. We all have to learn by trial and error, day by day. By improvising, regularly, by instinct sometimes, by doubting often.

Seeing your child grow up, making him happy, accompanying him, is an incredible adventure, a unique joy. But it is also demanding. We want to be that solid, loving, safe landmark. Building a quality relationship, - without sacrificing your personal, love and professional life 😉 - is our priority. 

And if raising a child is an infinite and complex task, it is even more so when you become a single mom or dad.

Calling on the skills of a parenting coach who is an expert in parenting without a relay will help you to relieve your guilt and to better manage all the educational difficulties encountered by a single parent. Discover our coaching themes:

Parental burnout

Feeling exhausted, drained, at the end of your rope. It is important to take care of yourself as a parent. The first step is to ask for help. To get out of parental exhaustion, you must recognize your limits and those of your children in order to find a balance. If parenthood is sometimes difficult, it does not have to be painful. Every parent deserves to feel better about their role, and so do you!

My child does not sleep

It's normal for a baby's first few months to be synonymous with interrupted nights. But, and parents who experience this will not argue with us, having a child with sleep problems can be truly hopeless. Lack of sleep has repercussions in all areas of daily life: professional life, morale, patience, relationship with your child. Our childcare professionals will help you find concrete solutions.

Blended family: how to organise it

Your single-parent family is becoming a blended family. But rebuilding your life when you have a child means anticipating potential difficulties. How can you organise things so that everyone finds their place smoothly: your child, his or her step-parent, your former spouse and yourself.

Supporting my child's independence

You are raising your child alone, but you want to avoid the pitfalls of an overprotective relationship. Our parenting professionals will give you reliable advice to develop your child's autonomy.

Crying, tantrums, oppositional outbursts

Every parent's nightmare: the famous "no" period that occurs between the age of 18 months and 2 years. But temper tantrums and other tantrums can also occur at any age. Adolescence is also a time when opposing your parent is necessary for your child's development and growth. Don't wait until you are exhausted to get help!

My child does not sleep

Building the most harmonious communication possible with your ex-spouse contributes to the well-being of everyone. An online coaching helps you to move towards positivity: bad understanding between separated parents, non-violent communication, improving the relationship with the other parent.

Managing the teenage crisis

Here you are, the teenage crisis has broken out in your single-parent family. Get a parenting coach to help you negotiate this perilous turn of events!

Stepfamily: the place of the step-parent

Blended family, when to settle down together? Finding your right place as a stepfather or stepmother sometimes requires delicacy and patience. If you are a stepparent, you may have difficulty asserting yourself and gaining the trust of your spouse and their child. The online life coach knows the typical conflicts you encounter, responsible for the blended family that does not work. And their potential solutions.

Managing sibling relationships

The bonds created between brothers and sisters can sometimes be translated into "I love neither"! Behaving like cats and dogs in a sibling relationship is certainly a classic situation. However, repeated arguments can create rivalry and disproportionate jealousy. A session with a parenting coach will help you to defuse a situation that is too conflictual.

Helping my atypical child ADD/ADHD, DYS, HP

Your child has Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity, has been diagnosed as High Potential or DYS, and you are looking for quality support. Our parenting professionals have the skills and experience required to provide you with appropriate support.

Re-establishing communication / cooperation with your child

You are no longer able to communicate with your child in a peaceful manner, and your family's daily life is affected. The slightest exchange turns into a conflict, communication is altered or even cut off. You feel helpless, angry, or a failure. Discussing your situation with a parenting coach will provide you with the keys to regaining positive and serene communication.

I don't feel respected by my child

How to make your child respect you? How to be authoritative without shouting, or to be obeyed without getting angry? Respecting your parent and learning to set limits are fundamental for a child or teenager. But it can sometimes feel like a dead end when faced with repeated provocations. Your online parenting coach can teach you the best posture to adopt, to regain a healthy and respected authority gently.

Announcing my separation - Preparing my child for separation

Whatever the age of your child, announcing the separation is a difficult step to take. How to prepare a child for the separation of his parents, so that this stage is as little destabilising as possible for him.

School bullying

Bullying at school deserves to be detected early and taken very seriously. Do you have doubts about your child's bullying? Not sure how to help? Talk to an online parenting coach to find out what steps you need to take.

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