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The online support I offer you

My name is Aude and I offer you a personalized parental guidance in order to find YOUR way as a parent in accordance with your convictions and ideals.

Trained in child development and specialized in counselling, my support is based on listening, informing and valuing your skills. Because being a single parent is a real challenge, I am that ear to which you can say everything without fear of being judged and that little voice that gives you courage. Unconditionally on your side and on your child's side.


We really appreciated Aude's gentleness and her great ability to listen!

A perfect coach to get your courage back!

The opinion of the founders of Noö Family

Aude immediately understood my problems and the context in which my children and I live. Her answers and concrete and factual opinions seem to me to be relevant. Aude gave me some ideas to help my children and myself. I will try to put them into practice. From a personal point of view, Aude was very kind and friendly.

Marie A.

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