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The online support I offer you

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with your life situation and this is weighing on the relationship with your child?
  • You don't understand your child's reactions and/or behaviour, which puts you under stress?
  • Do you wonder about the effectiveness of the educational principles and methods you use, especially when your ex-spouse takes over in shared custody?
  • Do you not understand your own anger and wonder what you have "done wrong" without understanding?
  • Do you need to take stock of your situation with someone who has a professional eye for you, especially as a single parent?

    All of these questions will be explored and together we will work to enable you to rediscover your "super powers of parenting", without guilt and with a great deal of kindness. A guarantee that you will no longer feel alone on your path as a single parent.

    Positive family education, with me, means taking care of parents, because they too need to be listened to and understood. It is to allow each one to find his resources as a parent, to accompany his child without feeling guilty, by being correctly equipped and by taking the time to progress in a society where everything goes very fast.

    Come and meet me by videoconference, wherever you are in France.



Julie convinced us by the richness of her background and her benevolence!

We highly recommend it!

The opinion of the founders of Noö Family

I particularly appreciated Julie's listening skills and kindness. She gave me some positive education tools to use on a daily basis.

I came out of my session "reboosted". The little card drawn at the end of the session is also very appreciated. Thank you Julie!

Cahina O.

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by Julie

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