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Your objective:
To re-establish communication in order to re-establish a dialogue of trust for relationships in harmony with the identity of each member of the family. To stop crises, to develop the autonomy and emotional intelligence of each person...

My mission :
It is with humour, simplicity and dynamism that I accompany you in your efforts to improve your daily relationship with your children, as I am a single mother of two teenagers!
I invite you, over the course of the sessions, to rediscover family harmony, to encourage cooperation, to set a balanced framework and to learn to find a global understanding so that each member of the family can flourish.

My values:
Fairness, respect, open-mindedness, communication

Who is it for?
Children, teenagers, adults, couples, families.

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Julie helped me to decipher what was at stake and what was hurting me in the tensions I was experiencing with my teenager. Her sense of sharing and listening as well as her concrete advice will guide me to evolve and act more positively.

Emmanuelle P.

Julie, we love it!

She is warm, positive and a great listener. She is also an outstanding professional! I, Marina, a single mother, found myself completely at home in her approach to things and she gave me many answers when we talked.

We highly recommend it!

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