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Anxiety - Anxiety disorders: treating them, relieving them

The pressure on your shoulders as a single parent, the weight of responsibilities, the separation, can lead to legitimate temporary anxiety. But this anxiety can also lead to generalized anxiety disorder, recurrent anxiety attacks, panic attacks.

Conflict management - Conflict situations

How to deal with a conflict, in your professional life, with someone you know, your family, your teenager or your ex-spouse. A conflict situation generates lasting stress and has a negative impact on your body and mind. Personalized support with a psychologist will give you the keys to manage a conflict, unblock the situation and preserve yourself.

Getting out of depression

How do you get out of depression on your own? What are the symptoms of severe depression? If you think you are suffering from depression, it is urgent that you seek professional help. The support of an online psychologist will be invaluable in helping you to get better and regain your well-being.

Separation: rebuilding after a break-up

How to overcome a break-up, mourn a relationship and regain self-confidence? Overcoming a break-up requires taking the time to rebuild yourself, to accept the break-up. With the help of an online psychologist, you can take the time to find yourself again, to restore your self-confidence, to look to the future with a healthy and solid foundation.

Sleep disorders - insomnia: solutions

Difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night, insomnia... Your days, your mood, are spoiled by your sleep problems. Sleep disorders can also be a sign of depressive symptoms, which must be considered in order to treat them and relieve you.

Facing the fear of separation with your child

Are you reluctant to be separated from your child, even for a short time? Or does your child find it difficult to be separated from you, even for a short time? Our psychologists can give you some advice on how to reassure your child.

Violence, psychological violence: dealing with it

Whether you are suffering or have suffered physical or psychological violence, or have been sexually abused, you can talk to one of our psychologists in complete confidence. We will listen to you in complete confidentiality and with empathy. We will guide you in finding solutions or taking action.

Accompanying the PMA process

Going through the MAP process can be both physically and psychologically demanding. Our psychologists will support you on a daily basis.

Coping with the death of your partner

The death, sudden or not, of one's spouse, represents an extremely trying event. The work of mourning involves different stages, personal to each one. Loneliness is brutal, and becoming a widow or widower, the aftermath of a death, can be difficult to overcome alone. An online psychologist can accompany you to successfully accept and overcome this ordeal.

The cost of a session with a psychologist is 45€ / 30 min and 65€ / 45 min. Depending on your health insurance contract, you can be reimbursed for the session by sending the invoice issued by the psychologist at the end of the session. For more information on how a session works, see our FAQ.

Our online psychologists

You want the best for your child, and you devote all your energy to him. This is legitimate, but to rebuild yourself after a breakup, you must also take care of yourself. Fatigue, stress and feelings of isolation can turn into anxiety. If you feel a growing anxiety, you must consider it to avoid depression. Our online psychologists are here to support you.

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  • Depression
  • Self-esteem
  • ..and lots of other skills!


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  • Psychological support
  • Accompaniment PMA
  • ..and lots of other skills!


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  • Anxiety, emotion management
  • Parental guidance
  • ..and lots of other skills!



Solo mom who has a meltdown

Avoid burn-out or depression

Looking after your child alone, taking on everything on a daily basis, also means drawing on your resources and risking parental burn-out.

Weakened by the separation, you have to deal with the situation, confronting a daily routine that leaves no room for improvisation. So you manageSo you manage, yes, you manage, as best you can, to offer the best possible life to your son or daughter.

But underneath the mask of the smiling solo mum or dad, there is sometimes a sadness, a growing anxiety. Some evenings, you may feel oppressed by your isolation, abandoned, or overwhelmed by your anxieties.

It is important to recognise that sometimes you need - and it is human - to listen, to support or to talk to someone.It is human to need to be listened to, to be supported, or to talk to someone.

In order to avoid depression, or to successfully get out of it, confide in one of our online psychologists. He or she will be able to advise and support you with with all their expertise and in complete confidentiality. But also welcome your words with kindness, warmth and empathy.

An online psychologist at your service today

It's normal to feel fragile, stressed and sometimes anxious, following the emotional shock of a separation. However, it's important not to let these feelings get the better of you. Some people feel more comfortable talking to each other at a distance, from their computer or telephone. Thanks to Noö Family, you can be listened to, surrounded and supported from home by experts who understand you.

You can also get an appointment during the day, even in the evening. Because you have the right, and the opportunity, to get better 🙂.
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