Our 100% single parent replays

Discover our lives co-hosted by our experts and Marina the co-founder of Noö Family. Find resources on parenthood, separation and personal reconstruction, in a short and dynamic format!

solo moms dealing with crises

Replays: Parenting

Relationship with your child, blended family, parental exhaustion...

Defuse crisis situations,
stop feeling guilty, reinforce the autonomy
of the child, etc.

Find our lives with our professionals in the field of parenting professionals, life coaches
and psychologists.

Single mom budget

Replays: Separation

Separation / divorce,
change of
of family situation

Choice of custody, calculation of alimony, referral to the Family Court, change of accommodation,
access to rights, etc.

Discover our lives with our lawyers and social workers.

What to do as a single mom?

Replays: Wellness

Sentimental life, well-being,
professional development

Self-confidence, relationship with the other parent, sexuality, stress and anxiety,
career management, etc.

Follow our lives with our life coaches, psychologists and career management coaches.

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