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Video appointments for 100% personalised advice

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Each moment of life can create different doubts, questions and needs.

At your service 5 categories of experts:
Lawyers, Social workers, Psychologists, Parenting coaches, Life coaches

To meet your every need:

  • your administrative or legal procedures
  • your applications for financial aid 
  • your questions about childcare
  • educational advice
  • psychological support

On your availability, including evenings and weekends (you're welcome!)

single parents

Book a session at a time that suits you, from 7am to 11pm, 6/7:

early morning, lunch break, late evening, Saturday: you decide.


An urgent question? Same day booking possible (yes, yes)

single moms what to do

For maximum flexibility, you can book a video session with an expert without endless delays.

You have direct access to his availability schedule. No need to wait days to get answers to your questions.

Unique expertise: professionals who know the realities of single parenthood

solo moms helpers

For consultations in complete confidence, our experts are rigorously selected: on their expertise, their qualifications, and their human qualities.

But their unique added value lies in their real experience of single parenthood: 75% of them are, or have been, single parents themselves!

Affordable prices, adapted to all budgets (that counts)

single parent with teenager

We are keen to offer personalised support to a majority of single-parent families. 

Sessions are free of charge, and their duration can be adjusted according to your needs and your budget: from 30 to 60 minutes.

From the first session, concrete answers (that's better!)

single parent with teenager

When you book your session, you specify your request and expectations in writing to your advisor.

He can prepare your session and give you tools, solutions and a concrete action plan without waiting.

Frequently asked questions

Before the session

How to make an appointment with an expert?

Nothing could be easier!
● Go to the "Make an appointment" page, which you can find in the
main menu at the top of our website.

● You can access a page that presents all the support sessions offered, classified by theme: Legal - Financial aid - Well-being - Parenting - Psychological health.

● You choose an expert, depending on the topic you want to address. 

● You then access the calendar of the chosen espert, you select the day and
the schedule that suits you. You validate and pay your reservation.

If your issue does not appear in the proposed themes, you can select "custom coaching" or send a message to the expert directly on the form in his profile to explain your expectations before booking a session.

You can also choose an expert and book a session directly on the page

Psych support

How long does it take to book a coaching session?

Very short 🙂 You can usually get an appointment the next day, or for the same day

How long do the coaching sessions last?

The duration of the sessions is indicated for each theme.
A coaching session lasts between 30 min and 60 min, to remain accessible to all

What is the cost of a coaching session?

The duration of the sessions is indicated for each theme.

Online coaching sessions

The rates are as follows 

30 min = 75 €
1h = 140 €

Financial aid:
30 min = 30 €
1h = 55 €

Parenting :
30 min = 35 €
1h = 65 €

Wellness :
30 min = 35 €
1h = 65 €

Psychological support :
30 min = 45 €
45 min = 65 €

What days and times can I book a coaching session?

We want to offer a wide range of availability slots, adapted to the daily life of single parents: early in the morning or late at night, even on weekends.

You can talk to an expert from 7am to 11pm, Monday to Saturday.

Before booking a time slot with a professional, can I specify my request and expectations?

Yes, of course!

When I request a reservation (at the order confirmation stage), an insert will ask me to specify my request and my expectations for the session.
This will allow the professional to know if he/she is able to meet my expectations, and to prepare our session in the best possible way.

Before booking a time slot with a professional, can I send them documents?

Yes, of course!

In the case of parental support with a lawyer or social worker, providing the professional with one or more documents beforehand can help him or her to better understand my issues and better prepare our session. 

This will make our session even more effective. And, ultimately, it will save me time!
I will be able to pass on the document(s) at the time of booking.

How are the experts selected?

The mission of Noö Family is to provide real help to parents who feel the need, your satisfaction and trust are our priority.

Our experts are selected according to demanding criteria:

  • We carefully check their diplomas, qualifications, references, background and experience.
  • We personally discuss with each of them, in order to ensure their professionalism, their values and their human qualities: empathy, listening, benevolence.
  • Our professionals are aware of the problems of single-parent families: 75% of them are or have been single parents themselves. 
Can I get advice on choosing an expert?

Yes, of course!

We will be happy to discuss your expectations with you in order to guide you in the best possible way. You can contact us at this address:

Where can I find the videoconference link for my coaching session?

In the order confirmation email (email entitled "Confirmation of your session"). At the time of my session, I will just have to click on this link to access my video session with the chosen expert.

When will I be charged for the service?

At the time of the order. To validate my shopping cart, I will be asked to pay the amount of the service. I will then be debited.

How do I reschedule or cancel my coaching session?

1. I access my customer area via " Login " at the top right of the site

2. I make sure that the displayed period covers the date of my order

3. I access the modification of my order by selecting the 3 dots (" ... ")

4. I select the action I want to perform " Reschedule " or " Cancel." 

I will then be notified by email of the change in status of my order.
If I cancel my order until the day before the session, I will of course be credited again.

How long do I have to cancel my booking and receive a credit?

Until the day before the session. 

If I cancel my reservation until the day before the session, I will be credited again.

If I cancel my booking on the day of the session, I will not be credited again and the amount of my booking will be lost.

Of course, any cancellation at the initiative of the expert, regardless of the delay, will be automatically refunded to me. I will then be credited again.

During the session

Is professional secrecy guaranteed?

Yes, absolutely. 

Any coaching session is only between me and the expert, and exclusively by phone or via a unique Google Meet link generated for the session. Thus, no one other than me or the expert can have access to the content of the session. The confidentiality is total.

What happens if I am late for the coaching session?

A tolerance of 10 minutes is applicable. If I am late, the session may exceed the scheduled time, up to a maximum of 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, my initial delay cannot be recovered at the end of the session, and will be lost.

What should I do if the connection is not good during my video coaching session?

In the vast majority of cases, poor quality of the video call is due to a poor internet connection.

To ensure a good connection, I adopt the right reflexes:

  • I check my internet connection
  • I prefer a wired or wireless connection (to a mobile connection via 4G or 3G)
  • I avoid downloading or using bandwidth simultaneously with my video call
  • before any video call, I do a video test
  • if the quality is still not satisfactory, I think to cut my video during the video

After the session

If there was a problem during my session, how can I make a complaint?

In case of complaint, I will have to contact Noö Family by email at the following address

Noö Family will then have to arbitrate the dispute and may suspend the payment of the service to the professional.
According to the reason for the complaint and the supporting elements which will be provided to it for the arbitration of the dispute, Noö Family may :

1. pay me back in full
2. pay me back in part
3. do not pay me back

How can I find my Noö Family expense on my bank account? Under what heading is it displayed?

A few days after I have completed my session, the Noö Family order associated with this session will appear as follows:
Noo Family (or CB MGP**Noo Family)

Our themes
of online support

how to calculate alimony


Our family lawyers, advise you on how to assert your rights.

Single mom budget

Financial aid

Our online social workers will help you with your application.

What to do as a single mom?


Our online life coaches guide you towards the best version of yourself!

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Our online parenting coaches online parenting coaches give you the best keys to stop being a parent without a relay. 

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Psychological support

Our online psychologists are here to support you through the challenges you face.

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