Designed by and for the single parent!

The mental burden of the single parent, are we talking about it? Separated, divorced, widowed, or alone by choice, single parenthood is a permanent marathon. On the menu of celebrations, long days: work, homework, trips, errands, housework, meals, finances, social life... What social life? Exhausted, stressed, lost: you are alone with your doubts, your questions and your guilt (we lived it!) 👋.

Marina, founder of Noö Family
Pierre founder Noö Family

A word from the founders

Single parents, take a breath and breathe: you are no longer alone!

Marina - Founder of Noö Family

"Liberate the voice of single parents".

I was 24 years old when I separated from the father of my daughter, Gabrielle. I discovered a new life, that of a solo mother. And a (very!) complicated reality. I have to manage everything by myself: reconciling professional life and school hours for Gabrielle, homework, shopping, meals, bills...

Who do we call to help us de-dramatize at 10pm, after a conflict with our child, a bad day? Who to tell us "you do your best"? Like many single parents, I often felt isolated, I needed support, listening, keys, answers.

The solution did not exist: we invented it. Thus was born Noo Family, founded with my partner Pierre-Emmanuel: a platform that centralises all the answers to the needs of single parents, when they really need them!

Pierre Emmanuel - Co-founder of Noö Family

"Single parenthood is a societal issue that is not considered"

In France, 1 out of 4 families is a single parent: 3 million children are concerned. However, the subject is ignored, even though it is a real issue for society!

I am personally aware of single parenthood, which my family members have been experiencing for years. And I have always been shocked to see that, in the end, there was little concrete support for single parents on a daily basis.

So when Marina - a long-time friend - thought of creating Noö Family, I did not hesitate to embark on this adventure with her. Together, we can finally move the boundaries of single-parenthood support.

Your time is precious

Whether you are a single mother, a divorced father, a single mother, a single parent by choice... raising your child alone is a daily race.
Noö Family saves you time Find all your answers in 1 click !

Before Noö Family 💔

responsibilities sometimes feel heavy to carry alone. Mental load +++

o ur children who object, when we are already at our wits' end.... We scream and feel guilty

lack of confidence in our abilities and decisions, because we have no one to share the pressure!

❌ feeling of being alone facing multiple unanswered questions: financial, legal, educational, relational...

❌ long waiting time to book a appointment, get an answer or a concrete solution

wasting time looking for vague and contradictory answers on the internet

👉 stress, isolation, anxiety, exhaustion

With Noö Family 🌈

✅ get precise, concrete answers specific to your situation, from a qualified lawyerwithout having to go to his/her office

✅ confide in a psychologist when you feel the need, without having to wait

be accompanied by a parenting coach at your own time and pace

be supported on demand, by a team ofcertified experts aware of single parenting

be helped by a social worker to know your rights, settle an administrative problem, without delay!

👉What's in for you 🙂 : save time, save energy, regain confidence and guilt-free, feel supported!

Single parents : our 6 commitments
to support you

Combining expertise, benevolence and transparency, these are the 3 strong pillars of Noö Family's support.
All our support sessions are offered according to rigorous criteria to respect our quality charter.

Commitment 1


Professionals with graduates aware of single parenthood

Commitment 2


No hidden costs. No commitment, no subscription. You only pay for the session you book

Commitment 3


Simple booking of a video session where you want, when you want including on the same day

Commitment 4


Your conversation is strictly protected by professional secrecy

Commitment 5


Payment in full secure SSL

Commitment 6


Choose the best time for you: from Mondays to Saturdays, from 7am to 11pm

Our themes
of online support

how to calculate alimony


Our family lawyers, advise you on how to assert your rights.

Single mom budget

Financial aid

Our online social workers will help you with your application.

What to do as a single mom?


Our online life coaches guide you towards the best version of yourself!

solo mom teenager


Our online parenting coaches online parenting coaches give you the best keys to stop being a parent without a relay. 

depression solo mom

Psychological support

Our online psychologists are here to support you through the challenges you face.

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