Separation, what to do first?

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Separating when you are a parent? You have questions...many questions....

The decision has been made, or is about to be made: you are separating from your child's father or mother. 🤔 Whether you're still hesitating, 🤯 whether the situation has reached a point of no return, 😞 or you simply have no choice, one thing is for sure: 1,000 questions and emotions are churning inside you.

  • ⭕ You're afraid
  • ⭕ You wonder if you are making the right decision
  • ⭕ The future makes you anxious


Will you be able to manage a life as a solo mom? Do you have what it takes to be a single dad? You feel the need to be listened to, advised, guided, supported, accompanied. You feel alone don't know where to turn! No need to panic 🙂 🙏. Thought up by and for single parents, Noö Family was designed to concretely help single parents at every stage of their daily lives.

How can we do this? By connecting all separated parents who need concrete and immediate help with professionals who know the reality of single moms and single dads.

  • 👉 On-demand video or phone sessions
  • 👉 No waiting
  • 👉 At the day and time that suits you: Monday to Saturday from 7am to 11pm

Be supported by a Psychologist
Get advice from a Lawyer
Know your rights with a Social worker
To be advised by a parenting coach
Be guided by a personal life coach

La séparation crée souvent un sentiment vertigineux.

What to do first? What are the stages of a separation? How to make a good separation?
Your questions are legitimate, and diverse, because the separation of the parents upsets the daily life, and involves consequences in several distinct but linked fields.

We accompany many single parents and know your concerns well:

  • The financial consequences of a separation 💰

What financial aid is available in case of separation? I want to leave my spouse but I have no money. What are the CAF aids for a single mother ? How to find a place to live quickly when you become a single parent ? Separated parents, who pays what ?

  • What are the rights and duties of separated parents? 👩🏻💼

I am separating, what are my rights : de facto separation, separation of cohabitation, leaving the marital home, legal separation without a lawyer... Without a judgment, who has custody ? Father's rights in case of separation without judgment... How to appeal to the JAF 

  • What are the steps and processes of a separation? 🔖

How to separate an unmarried couple, break up a civil union, parental authority, or how to separate with a common home? How to set up an alternating custody ?

  • How do you get organized on a daily basis when you are a single parent? 😌

How do single parents reconcile work and childcare? How do you manage your schedules and commute when you are a single parent, a single mother, a single father or a divorced mother? How do you manage (without getting exhausted), when you have sole custody of your child ?

  • How will the separation impact my child's balance 👩👦👨👦

Separation, how to protect your child? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to stay for the children (but at what cost)? What questions should be asked before separating? How to leave your spouse during the pregnancy, to separate with a baby? I am afraid that my son will suffer from our separation... How can I prepare my child for the changes?

  • How to psychologically overcome the breakup 😢 👉 🙂

Finding the strength to separate, to consider separation when you are a parent... How to do to separate well and build a co-parenting after separation? Can you rebuild your life when you are a single mother, a father with alternating custody? To succeed in going back up the slope and to find the smile...

Mom or Dad in the midst of a separation:
Get the help you need (you deserve it).

Whatever the issue you are concerned about today, we offer you tools and solutions to anticipate your tools and solutions to anticipate your separation, to tame your new life as a separated parent.

Resources on our blog

To find out about your rights in terms offinancial aid, the legal procedures necessary during a separation, psycho psycho and parenting advice :

Personalized day-to-day support on demand

with experts who know the reality of single-parent families:

Separated parents, find personalized support


Noö Family allows you to be accompanied at each stage of your separation, advised and listened to in your daily life as a single parent:

  • ✅ Appointment by video or phone
  • ✅ No waiting: a same-day appointment
  • ✅ At your convenience: 6 days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Professional and efficient answers from an expert right now, without leaving your home :

  • ⚖️ An attorney for legal advice before making a decision.
  • 📝 A social worker to find out about and access the financial aid I am entitled to.
  • 💬 A psychologist to talk about, accept and overcome the breakup.
  • 👶 A parenting coach to best protect and prepare my child.
  • ✨ A life coach to regain my confidence and move forward.

Move forward well surrounded 

We won't lie to ourselves: separating when you are a parent can be a complicated step. But there are solutions to simplify your life, and Noo Family was created precisely to make life easier for single parents.

It is better to be alone than to be badly accompanied, but difficulties are easier to overcome when you are well surrounded! This happens to be our mission: to help separated parents to stop suffering their single parenthood 🙂.

Would you like to be accompanied to move forward concretely and serenely? Book your session here 👇

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