3 benefits of consulting a parenting coach for a single parent

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What is the purpose of a parenting coach?
To provide you with professional support, keys and concrete tools to ease the parent-child relationship 🙂.

Parental coaching is a solution that brings quick results, seduces and relieves more and more parents. If this practice is widespread in the United States, French parents (solo or not), are still discovering this parental support. 

Knowing how to ask for help is a sign of wisdom, and intelligence 😌. Especially when the cause is beautiful, and far from simple (especially when you're a solo parent!): educating your child. So no need to wait for parental burnout to seek support.

But we don't always know who to turn to when the situation gets out of hand. To resolve conflicts with your child, or to help him/her to be well, to unblock a situation and to find a family balance.

Some parents are a bit dubious about the usefulness of parent coaching. Others are simply unaware of this form of parental support, or do not dare to use it. If testing a session is the best way to make up your own mind, we propose you here a focus on the benefits brought by a parenting coach.

Before we detail the positive results you can expect from coaching, a few details about this new profession 👇

What is a parenting coach?

A parenting coach is a professional whose goal is to accompany parents who encounter blocking situations, tensions in their relationship with their child.

It is based on knowledge of child psychology, advances in neuroscience, positive education, the study of behavior and emotional management.

The benevolence, the well-being of the child, and the family, are at the heart of the approach: thus, exit threats and punishments. 😌

Parenting Coaching Goals:

✅ help parents step back and re-establish a dialogue with their child

✅ give concrete tools to calm conflicts, unblock a situation

✅ provide individual tailored support to suit each situation

✅ advising without judgment, without substituting for the parent, giving keys that promote autonomy in the parental role

remove guilt and restore parents' self-confidence

A parenting coach is not a psychologist. In case of pathology, he will be able to direct you to a therapist.

1. A parenting coach to unblock a situation

One of the main reasons to consult a coach is the feeling of having tried everything!

Discussions, negotiations, setting limits: nothing works. The family atmosphere is tense, and your mood and that of your child are affected. You don't know what to do to change the situation; worse, you feel guilty and feel like you're not up to it.

Am I a bad mother, a bad father? Why doesn't my child listen to me? Why does my teenager constantly provoke me?

Whether you think you're at an impasse, the situation is getting out of hand, or you want to take the lead and not let the problems escalate, a parenting coach can provide effective advice.

Talking with a coach will allow you first of all to have a sympathetic outside ear on your problem. His or her approach and skills can help you see the situation from another angle and better understand the causes of your child's behavior.

His experience and knowledge can also shed light on certain patterns and beliefs from your own upbringing that are holding you back.

The consultation can also contribute to de-dramatize a situation, to relieve guilt, thanks to a distancing and a work on the management of the emotions.

A solution-oriented, non-judgmental approach 😌

2. Tools for concrete short-term results


If you have to put up with your child's tantrums, your teen's rebellion, or tantrums at every meal, you probably need a concrete solution more than theories.

This is the second benefit that a consultation with a parenting coach can bring you. Even if listening and a good understanding of the family ecosystem are essential, it is not a matter of deconstructing abstract theories.

The purpose of a coach is to give you the tools to find a real solution to the problem you are facing. To find a peaceful communication, which certainly passes by the discussion, but also keys and practical exercises to advance.

The parenting coach uses several methods to do this: for example, experimenting with role-playing or situational scenarios, which allow for a better understanding, by example, of the other person and of oneself.

3. Parental coaching: a valuable individual support

In 2022, we all have access to a lot of free content on the internet, and to specialized literature. 

You may have read several articles, books, which present positive parenting, or give educational advice.

To be informed in this way is of course useful (still it is necessary to select the quality of the contents) but remains generalist most of the time.

So you may spend some time learning about the best way to deal with conflicts with your children, but not find a concrete method that fits your unique situation.

And this is probably where a parenting coach will be most helpful. A parenting coach does not provide you with a "turnkey" solution that works for everyone. It is a personalized support, adapted to your history, your personality, your family. An individual solution tailored to your problem.

Finally, a family coach does not replace the parent. He works with him, to help him find his educational resources, and restore family harmony. You are no longer alone with your doubts, but supported with kindness and respect by a parenting expert.

Why consult a parenting coach?
A few examples


Your child continually objects, "No!" 😡

You don't know/no longer know how to enforce your authority without getting upset

Food is a contentious issue with your child or teenager

✨ You and your former spouse disagree about parenting and rules

✨ You've just separated and your child is having a hard time with it

✨ You create a blended family and...it's complicated!

✨ Your child or teen is being bullied at school

✨ Your child is being violent

✨ You find that your child is sad, withdrawn

✨ Sleep problems

✨ Your child is disrupted by a change: moving, returning to work, death of a grandparent...

✨ Communication is broken with your teenager

✨ You can't stand your little one's multiple tantrums anymore

✨ Managing brother-sister conflict.

✨ How do you best manage screen time?

✨ You are at your wits' end and catch yourself screaming too often

You want to accompany your atypical child: ADD/ADHD, DYS, HP

This list is of course non-exhaustive, a parenting coach is able to address many issues concerning family ties.

How much does parenting coaching cost?


Parenting coaches' fees vary according to their specializations and the people involved. At Noo Family, the price of a 30-minute session with a parenting coach, by video or telephone, is 35 euros.

Make an appointment with a parenting coach online


Do you need help to calm communication with your child, manage a delicate stage or find solutions to a conflict?

👉 You can book a session with a parent coach:

  • Quickly (maximum delay of 24 hours on average)
  • Without moving
  • At the time that suits you: Monday to Saturday, from 7am to 11pm


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